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Second Life as a Platform for Augmented Reality

by on Sep.14, 2009, under Augmented Reality

AELatGT asked:

This demo shows the use of Second Life as a platform for Augmented Reality. With our modified Second Life client, avatars and other Second Life graphicss can be superimposed perspectively correct on a live video stream and in real-time. For more information please visit

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  • EddyFragment

    That is very exiting. The future will be a very odd place indeed. I love it.

  • NikoKun

    This is the only way I’d imagine we’ll ever be able to achieve holograms.

  • hazonku

    The educational potential in this is amazing! Imagine learning a “hands on” sort of class like this. Imagine doctors being able to practice difficult surgeries in this manner. This is way cooler than the pre-recorded video shooting ranges I used in the Army. All sorts of training in many fields could be done with this.

  • RyouConcord

    I was referring to the AR modification to the client not being open-sourced.

  • drcanoro

    the SL client is already open source.

  • drcanoro

    he should have test it with a nice skin, nice shape and with a nice AO.

  • RyouConcord

    I wish they would open source the client. they can’t seem to obtain funding from what I’ve been able to ascertain, so why not open source it? I’m sure the wide AR or SL community would be delighted to assist in helping creating some cool AR.

  • ubentu

    This hardware software combination is beautiful….. if I had a large enough customized computer/backpack/battery?

  • SGPmovies

    For those who think this doesn’t have a use, it has already been integrated into GPS Programs for the iPhone that integrates your camera, tracks a location, and creates a 3D, virtual arrow appearing on your screen that is displaying real-time video of what’s in front of you (you mount it on your front window with the camera facing out. It’s quite neat. It’s also a kicker for awesome Keynote speakers :)

  • EcchinMelson

    die please. fast.

  • Jaenus80

    Holy fuckin’ shit…

  • bv90andy

    the fact that u can see 3d object, generated on a pc, in real life and u can turn around them, OMG, awesome !!!

  • themanfromthehouse

    its a step forward into interactive virtual reality.

    and the word you used to describe it was usless

  • angeltiger1986


    X3 sorry for the caps, I’m just too excited and hyper! WOW! WOOOOOT! YAAAY!

  • CalicoatMaker

    Worthless. Doesnt seem like it will spawn anything of use, either.

  • jr3470

    i want to hug my av x3

  • tapeton

    Simply wow… I haven’t understood yet which kind of software is all of this but I’m heading to your island right now. This is really something in what virtual reality concerns. Well done.

  • kinake

    good job on this video! my names Paige, kinda feelin bored if any1 wants to join me on cam or wana chat i will be signed on at __ FriendlyFlirts(.COM) __ my user ID there is Paige_xhlltb chat soon xx its FR33 to j0in! mwah

  • NodPilot42

    Gargoyles for the win! :D
    For those who have not yet read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, (please do) a “gargoyle” is someone who wears a computer and goggles so they can be constantly logged in to the Metaverse.
    On an unrelated note, wonder how this would work with combat? Virtual armies trying to “control” RL areas would be… interesting, but immature behavior could present a problem.
    Only one major problem: You reveal where you live if you use avatar-in-room tech.

  • billca42

    I bet that as long as you don’t need integrating avatars into the real room, you could use the Wii joystick mounted on your head to feed your head position into this. That would be much cheaper, and you wouldn’t need a real world target for a camera. I bet that the Wii solution could even allow you to walk around. I don’t know how you would handle flying, though… :-)

  • djgizmoe

    Fantastic creativity. Keep it up guys.

  • evolutie

    this is great!!
    Is this client available for download??

  • Tamaartje88

    This is the same as drinking, drugging, or gambling. second life is an addiction. It destroys families. My sister was an second life addic. She even did not want me to touch her. She was like Lu-Lu from Fifth Element – absolutelly insane

  • UltimateDoomsdayGame

    Aww… just when I got banned by my mom from Second Life…

  • atr360

    it’d be fun to film a movie using second life and this tech! it’d be like filming a real movie lol!

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