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How 1950s Nuclear Bomb Testing Turned Our Teeth Into Radioactive Clocks [Radioactivity]

by on May.22, 2010, under 17, 2, 2010, 3, 5, 50D, 7, 7d, Ac, Act, Ad, Add, Ads, age, and, ANT, Ants, AR, arc, Ati, beach, Bomb, Bombs, Bp, Carbon, cat, cc, Ces, clear, Clock, Clocks, color, Conflict, de, Display, Ds, E, Ea, EC, Et, ff, Ge, Gizmo, gizmodo, Hd, Home Automation, Id, Ie, Im, images, In, Io, Ion, Isp, kin, La, Labels, life, Loc, Lock, locks, mid, Mod, Nuclear, NuclearBombs, Of, om, One, order, Padd, People, PI, Pixel, Play, Pr, Pro, Q, quant, Radio, radioactivity, Rc, Research, Rf, RSS, Rv, Science, sea, search, serve, Style, Tag, tech, teeth, Test, TI, TV, V, War, Weapon, Weapons, X1

Researchers trying to determine the age of deceased individuals are finding success with a new method: looking in people’s mouths. Nuclear bomb testing in the 1950s, it turns out, turned everyone’s teeth into radioactive clocks. More

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Gorenje’s Carbon Fiber Fridge: Last Seen In Batman’s Kitchen [Kitchen Appliances]

by on Apr.23, 2010, under 2, 2010, 300, 5, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, app, AR, Baby, Batman, Bt, car, Carbon, Carbon Fiber, Ces, Cia, clear, dash, de, Display, Dock, Dreams, Ds, E, e1, Ea, fiber, freezer, Freezers, Fridge, Fridges, Ge, Gizmo, gorenje, Gorenje ora-ito, Hd, Home Automation, Id, Im, In, Ion, iPod, Isp, itc, kin, kitchen, Kitchen Appliances, Mod, Ms, nex, next, Of, om, One, order, Os, Ouch, Oven, Ovens, Padd, Play, Q, Rc, Show, stove, Style, Tag, ted, TI, Touch, Us, X1

Gorenje, the company that brought us the iPod-docking fridge , has created the next fridge of our dreams— carbon fiber , baby. The induction hob shown below is also the stove of our (concentric) dreams: More

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Masdar City Will Be The World’s First Carbon Neutral Land [Cities]

by on Mar.30, 2010, under 50D, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, Ai, and, AR, architecture, Art, building, buildings, car, Carbon, carbon neutral, Cities, city, clear, de, design, Ds, Dubai, E, Ea, eco, eco friendly, Eu, Fb, first, Ge, Gizmo, hal, Hd, Home Automation, Ie, MER, Mod, Nyt, One, Os, Rc, Rf, Sd, Style, Tag, TI, time, Ui, United Arab Emirates, Up, Wealth, X1

Dubai’s supposedly doomed, with half-finished buildings littering the skyline as their wealth trickles away like sand through a timer. Before I get more poetic, Abu Dhabi looks to be faring better, if this eco-city is anything to go by. More

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Supernova Is First Zero-Carbon Footprint Megayacht [Yacht]

by on Mar.27, 2010, under 1d, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, Ai, and, AR, Ati, car, Carbon, cat, catamaran, Cell, clear, de, design, Ds, E, Ea, electric, energy, first, formula zero, Ge, Gizmo, Green, Hd, Home, Home Automation, Ie, Ion, Mod, Nab, One, Os, OTS, power, Pr, Pro, Rc, sail, sauter, Solar, Style, Supernova, Tag, Tat, TI, Ui, Up, Via, X1, yacht

The Sauter Formula Zero Solar Hybrid Megayacht is a 197-foot catamaran, with four diesel-electric counter-rotating propellers, rotational wingsails, and solar cell arrays. All that to enable it to cruise at 17 knots with zero carbon footprint.

Original post:
Supernova Is First Zero-Carbon Footprint Megayacht [Yacht]

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What Does a Frozen Han Solo Pop Taste Like? [Star Wars]

by on Mar.22, 2010, under 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, Ai, AR, Av, C5, car, Carbon, clear, de, Dj, Ds, E, Ea, Ge, Geek, Gizmo, Han Solo, Hd, Home Automation, Hp, Ie, Ink, Mod, Nes, NK, One, Os, Rc, shirt, Shirts, star, Star Wars, Style, T-shirts, Tag, TI, Via, War, what, X1

I think it would taste like a Flinstones pop, but that’s just me. Like all Tee Fury shirts, it’s available one day only, for $9. [ TeeFury via Geekologie ] More

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ASUS Eee PC 1001PX: All Carbon Fiber [NetBooks]

by on Mar.22, 2010, under 1001Px, 1015, 1018, 1018P, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, and, AR, Asus, Asus 1001px, Asus Eee PC, Atom, Atom N450, battery, Battery Life, book, Books, Bt, car, Carbon, Carbon Fiber, Chip, Chopsticks, clear, Computer, Computers, dash, de, Ds, E, Ea, eee, Eee PC, Fcc, fiber, Fun, Gallery, Ge, Gizmo, Hd, Hell, Home Automation, Hulk, Laptop, Laptops, life, Mod, Model, N450, Nes, Net, Netbook, netbooks, One, Os, PC, PCs, Portable, Pr, ps, Ram, Rc, Real, Rim, sea, Shell, Style, Tag, TI, time, X1

It’s no 14-hr battery life like ASUS’ 1015 model , but the 1001PX is made from carbon fiber—just like those chopsticks you were admiring! Inside, an Atom N450 chip and 1GB of RAM hulk, ready for portable netbooking funtimes. More

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Nasal Spray Chills and Saves Brains After Cardiac Arrest [Memory Forever]

by on Mar.19, 2010, under 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, Ai, and, ANT, AR, Av, Benechill, Brain, Brains, car, Carbon, clear, de, Ds, E, E3, Ea, emory, F2, Forever, Ge, Gizmo, Gm, Hd, Health, Home Automation, Ie, Lost, Medical, Medicine, Memories, Memory, Memory forever, Memoryforever, Mod, Nas, Nasa, Nes, One, Os, Pr, pre, precious, Rc, Rf, Rinochill, serve, Snes, Style, Tag, TI, Top, Ui, Up, X1

Consciousness lost, breathing stopped, pulse gone. Someone just slipped into cardiac arrest. In order to preserve the precious memories and thoughts at risk right now, we’re gonna have to squirt some perfluorocarbon coolant up a nose and chill a brain. More

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8 Things Made Out Of Carbon Fiber That Really Shouldn’t Be [Wrongmodo]

by on Mar.18, 2010, under 1d, 3D, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, Ai, and, app, Appeal, AR, Art, car, Carbon, Carbon Fiber, Chopsticks, clear, de, Dog, Ds, E, Ea, earth, fiber, Ge, Gear, Gizmo, Guitar, Hd, Home Automation, Ie, iPod, iPod Case, iPod Cases, Joystick, lamp, Lamps, Light, Mice, Mod, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Mouse Pads, One, Os, Pet, Pets, PI, Pr, price, Rc, Real, Style, Tag, TI, time, Toilet, Wrongmodo, X1

Things made of carbon fiber tend to be appealing-looking, light-weight, and durable. But sometimes we just plain wonder how on earth someone decided to choose the often pricey material for a particular piece of gear. More

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Storing Your Data For a Billion Years [Memory Forever]

by on Mar.16, 2010, under 300, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, AR, Av, Bes, car, Carbon, Carbon nanotubes, clear, Comment, Comments, data, de, Diamond, Diamonds, Drives, Ds, E, E3, Ea, eee, emory, Flash Drives, Forever, Ge, Gizmo, Hard, Hard Drive, Hard Drives, Hd, Home Automation, Ion, Memory, Memory forever, Memoryforever, Men, Mod, Nano, Nanotube, Nanotubes, One, Os, Pr, pre, Rc, Research, Science, serve, storage, Style, Tag, TI, tub, X1

As concerned as we are about memory , we haven’t done much to preserve it. Most of our hard drives don’t last past 30 years. But soon, using diamond-like carbon nanotubes , even your Gizmodo comments could last practically forever

See more here: 
Storing Your Data For a Billion Years [Memory Forever]

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Laser-Powered Carbon Nanotube Speakers [Science]

by on Mar.12, 2010, under 7d, Ad, Ads, age, and, AR, car, Carbon, clear, D3, de, Display, Ds, E, Ea, Eu, Ge, Gizmo, guts, Hd, Home Automation, Ie, Isp, Lasers, Mod, Music, Nano, Nanotube, Nanotubes, One, Parts, power, Rc, Red, Rf, Science, screen, speaker, Speakers, Style, Tag, TI, tub, Ui, Wall, windows, X1

Laser-powered carbon nanotube speakers! They’ll fit in walls and windows, and can noise-cancel ambient rackets. Or blast some music. More

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