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Film Cameras Made From Household Rubbish Take Pretty Crazy Photos [Cameras]

by on May.11, 2010, under 2, 2010, 3, 360, 5, 7, 7d, A9, Ac, Ad, Add, Ads, age, Ai, and, ANT, AR, Bar, bis, Bones, Button, buttons, Cam, Camera, Cameras, clear, Containers, Crazy, de, Display, down, Ds, E, Ea, Et, F1, Film, Film Cameras, flo, Flop, Floppy Disks, Food, Fun, Ge, Gizmo, gizmodo, Hd, Home Automation, house, household, Id, Ie, Im, In, Isp, lomography, MER, Mod, Nes, om, One, order, Os, Padd, Pee, Peekfreak, Peekfreak cameras, photo, photos, Plastic, Play, Pr, pre, Q, Rc, Red, rom, Rubbish, Style, Tag, TI, Ui, Up, Us, Wai, wait, X1

Built using household supplies like floppy disks and plastic food containers, Peekfreak’s cameras are hilariously fun and brilliantly pared down, with no knobs or buttons to press. Wait until you see how bare bones the insides are: More

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Another Format Bites The Dust: Sony Discontinues Floppy Disks [Memory]

by on Apr.26, 2010, under 2, 2010, 5, 5D, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, Ai, Akihabara, and, AR, arc, Bar, C5, clear, dash, de, Disco, Discs, Display, Ds, Dust, E, Ea, emory, Et, flo, Flop, Floppy Disks, format, Ge, Gizmo, Hd, Home Automation, Id, Iha, Im, In, Isp, japan, Memory, Mod, News, nin, om, One, order, Os, Padd, Play, Q, Rc, Sony, Sony floppy disks, sony japan, storage, Style, Tag, TI, Us, wait, what, X1

What, wait? Sony’s been churning out floppy disks all these years? And 12m were sold last year in Japan alone? I guess that’s not enough though—as Sony Japan will cease selling them March 2011

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Another Format Bites The Dust: Sony Discontinues Floppy Disks [Memory]

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Floppy Disk Post-It Notes Make You Remember Not Just Disks, But Pens Too [Stationary]

by on Apr.20, 2010, under 2, 2010, 2D, 5, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, and, ANT, Ants, app, Apps, AR, Ati, cc, clear, de, design, Display, Ds, E, Ea, Epa, F1, fashion, Fb, flo, Flop, Floppy disk sticky notes, Floppy Disks, Fun, Ge, Geek, Gizmo, Hd, Home Automation, Id, Im, In, Ink, Ion, ipa, ipad, Iphone, Isp, Make, Mod, Nab, NK, Note, Note pads, Notepad, notepads, notepod, Notes, om, One, order, Os, Padd, paper, phone, PI, Play, post-it, ps, Q, Rc, Space, Stationary, Style, Sugar, Tag, Tat, TI, Up, Us, X1

Call me old-fashioned, but I do think these floppy disk sticky notes are a lot more fun than the iPhone and iPad variants. Sure, you can’t design apps in the blank space…but you can come up with fun fake file-names! More

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Percussion Instrument Made From Old Floppy Disks [DIY]

by on Mar.31, 2010, under 2, 5, 7, 7d, A8, Ad, Ads, age, and, app, AR, Art, Av, Bones, C6, Cia, clear, de, Dino, Dinosaur, diy, Ds, E, Ea, flo, Flop, Floppy Disks, Ge, Gizmo, Hd, Home Automation, instrument, Instruments, Ion, Make, Men, Mod, Nes, One, order, Os, Pr, pre, raf, Rc, rom, rum, Style, Tag, TI, Up, Us, vers, X1

Making pleasing noises your ears will appreciate, and looking like dinosaur bones that have been strung up together by a crafter, this is a 21st century version (or should that be 20th century?) version of the traditional kokiriko instrument. More

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