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The iPhone App Store Scams [Rant]
Friday, 4 Jun, 2010 – 21:20 | One Comment

Banning a Pulitzer-winning cartoonist’s app? OK. Force the change of editorial content of a fashion magazine because it shows some lingerie?

A Twitter iPhone App For Hello Kitty Fanatics [IPhone Apps]
Friday, 4 Jun, 2010 – 5:40 | No Comment

You’d have to be quite the crazed Hello Kitty fan to pay four bucks for a Twitter iPhone app with a nauseatingly cutesy user interface like this, but it’s available on iTunes now anyway. [ iTunes ] More

Sleep Blaster App Keeps You From Waking Up at the End of the Line [IphoneApps]
Friday, 4 Jun, 2010 – 5:20 | No Comment

To stand out in the already-overpopulated field of alarm clock iPhone apps, you have to bring some really unique functionality to the table. Sleep Blaster does just that, with one extremely good alarm clock idea and one extremely bad one… More

PingChat! Makeover Looks Good [IPhone Apps]
Friday, 4 Jun, 2010 – 2:00 | No Comment

PingChat! (formerly known as Ping!) has received an overhaul. The iPhone messaging app now has a better looking user interface, allows for group chats, can send images and videos, and is ad-free. Not too shabby. More

FixPix iPhone Game Now Available and Outrageously Addictive [IPhone Apps]
Thursday, 3 Jun, 2010 – 5:27 | No Comment

Yes! The FixPix iPhone game is now available in the App Store and it looks fantastic. It’s gonna cost you two bucks and plenty of time. More

HomePipe App Streams iTunes to Your Android Phone [Streaming]
Thursday, 3 Jun, 2010 – 4:01 | No Comment

HomePipe’s a relatively new cloud-based storage app that’s introduced a new twist: streaming your iTunes music from your Mac or PC to your Android phone. There are a couple of caveats, though. More

Google Mobile Search Results Now Include Android and iPhone Apps [Google]
Wednesday, 2 Jun, 2010 – 22:56 | No Comment

In order to make life a little bit easier for Android and iPhone users, Google Mobile Search results will now include relevant Android App Market and iTunes App Store links. [ Google Mobile Blog ] More

Jules Verne Book Comes With QR Codes For 21st Century Footnotes [IPhone Apps]
Wednesday, 2 Jun, 2010 – 16:20 | No Comment

A special-edition of Jules Verne ‘s Around The World In 80 Days has been published with QR codes included at various points of the book. Pointing an iPhone (loaded with Ubimark’s app), the codes take you to relevant sites for context. More

Prince of Persia iPhone Game Takes You Back To 1989 [IPhone Apps]
Friday, 28 May, 2010 – 10:41 | No Comment

You’ve probably heard by now that the Prince of Persia film is a complete wash-out, but thankfully ye olde retro Prince of Persia game for the iPhone and iPad has just been released today. More

Free GTA Chinatown Wars Lite iPhone App Hits App Store [IPhone Apps]
Thursday, 27 May, 2010 – 9:02 | No Comment

If you don’t want to bang down ten notes for the full-fat Chinatown Wars iPhone app , this free “Lite” version is worth checking out. It provides a good taste of the Nintendo DS game, with the first three missions playable.