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Nanowires Convert Rat’s Heartbeat Into Usable Electricity [Electricity]

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Nanowires inside a rat can convert the power of breathing and heartbeats into electricity, according to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Technology Review reports these nano-generators could conceivably lead to nano-scale implants and sensors powered by the body. More

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Underwear Made From Bananas Hits Australian Shops [Science]

by on Mar.10, 2010, under 1d, 7d, Ads, age, ANT, Ants, AR, Ati, Aussiebum, Aussiebum bananas, Australia, banana, Bananas, Bes, Brin, car, Carbon, Carbon nanotubes, clear, dash, data, de, Display, Ds, E, e1, Ea, electric, Electricity, Eu, fiber, Ge, Gizmo, Hd, Home Automation, Ie, Ink, Ion, Isp, Korea, Make, Mod, Nano, Nanotubes, nanowires, Nas, NK, One, Os, oss, power, ps, Rc, Rf, Science, shirt, Shirts, Style, Tag, Tat, ted, TI, tub, Ui, Underwear, what, Wires

We often speak of material being used to conduct electricity , but what if underwear makers AussieBum—who’ve created underpants made from banana fiber—used carbon nanotubes as well? Think of the possibilities banana-derived electricity-conducting pants could bring you.

Read the original here: 
Underwear Made From Bananas Hits Australian Shops [Science]

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Bacteria Colonies May Be Linked By Nanowires [Science]

by on Feb.25, 2010, under A4, Ads, age, Ai, Air, Art, Ati, bacteria, battery, clear, dash, Display, Ds, Ea, Eu, flo, Food, Gadget, Ge, Gizmo, Gross, Hd, Home Automation, Ion, ISO, Isp, Love, Mic, Mod, Nano, Nanotechnology, Nanotubes, nanowires, Nature, Nec, News, One, Os, oss, Ovi, Oxygen, PopSci, Pr, Pro, ps, Rc, Real, Rf, Roof, Science, sea, Sharing, Study, Style, Technology, ted, Test, TI, time, Top, Tron, Ui, Via, Wires

A bacterium on its own can’t reach very far. And when stacked on the sea floor in a large colony, it may have access to either oxygen (top of the pile) or food (bottom of the pile). So for the entire colony to thrive, the bottom and top layers must be choreographed in chemical reactions occurring across great expanses, allowing electrons from food consumption in the basement to react to oxygen from the rooftop

Read more:
Bacteria Colonies May Be Linked By Nanowires [Science]

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