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Fanboyism and Brand Loyalty [Fanboys]

by on Jun.05, 2010, under 2, 2010, 3, 5, 7, 787, 7d, A9, Ac, Ad, Add, Ads, Advert, advertising, age, and, ANT, Ants, app, apple, AR, Ati, Bp, Brand, Brands, bus, business, cat, Ces, clear, color, Concept, cv, de, Display, Ds, E, Ea, EC, Et, Fan, Fanboy, Fanboyism, Fanboys, Feeds, ff, game, Games, Ge, Gizmo, gizmodo, Hd, Home Automation, Id, Im, images, In, Io, Ion, Isp, La, Labels, Loyalty, marketing, mid, Mod, Nes, om, One, opinion, order, Pad, Padd, PC, PI, Pixel, Play, Pr, pre, Q, quant, Rc, Republished, RSS, Rv, serve, Style, Tag, tech, things, TI, truth, TV, Us, V, X1

The Misconception: We prefer the things we own over the things we don’t because we made rational choices when we bought them. The Truth? More

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The Sad Truth About HDTV [Comics]

by on Apr.26, 2010, under 1080P, 17, 2, 2010, 3, 3D, 5, 7, 7d, Ad, Ads, age, and, AR, Art, clear, Comic, Comics, Culture, de, Display, Ds, E, Ea, Et, first, Gaming, Ge, Gizmo, Hd, HDTV, Home Automation, home-theater, Humor, Id, Im, In, Ink, Interest, Ir, Isp, Mic, Mod, monitor, My, NK, om, One, order, P4, Padd, PC, Pc Gaming, Plasma, Play, Q, Rc, Sad, Style, Tag, Televisions, TI, time, truth, TV, X1, xkcd

Interestingly enough, I did some 1080P PC gaming last weekend for the first time in a while, and all I could think was, this would look so much better on my 50-inch plasma than this 24-inch monitor. [ xkcd ] More

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Caller ID Spoofing Gets Outlawed [Law]

by on Apr.15, 2010, under 2, 2010, 3D, 5, 7, 7d, Act, Ad, Ads, age, AR, Ati, caller, Caller id spoofing', clear, de, Display, Ds, E, Ea, Event, F2, Ge, Gizmo, Hd, Home Automation, house, Id, Im, In, Ink, Isp, Law, Mod, NK, Of, One, order, Padd, phone, Play, Pr, pre, Q, Rc, rom, Style, Tag, Tat, TI, truth, Us, X1

Thanks to the House of Representatives passing the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2010, Caller ID spoofing will be outlawed. Sure, you may prevent your number from being seen, but no more pretending that you’re calling from another phone: More

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