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Social Security Number Reverse Search
Thu, 24/06/10 – 17:36 | No Comment

The probability for you to find someone free by SSN is quite high. The reason for that is because the social security number is usually used and individual SS numbers are being put on the …

Microsoft’s Windows Live Wave 4 Essentials Freeware Available Soon [Microsoft]
Thu, 3/06/10 – 6:50 | No Comment

You may not be familiar with Windows Live Essentials , but it’s basically a suite of applications available via a free download, which includes Live Mail, Live Messenger, and in this new update—a Bing Bar! More

June 2, 1954: Airplane Takes Off, Lands Vertically [Techversaries]
Wed, 2/06/10 – 22:20 | No Comment

1954: A Convair XFY-1 Pogo aircraft makes a vertical takeoff and landing. It’s a milestone in the checkered history of VTOL aircraft. More

Kno Dual-Screen Tablet Sincerely Hopes Size Matters [Tablets]
Wed, 2/06/10 – 20:57 | No Comment

If you hate the portability of tablets but love the glare, you might be interested in this “digital textbook” from Kno. Weighing it at 5.5lbs., its two 14.1-inch displays look like they were brought down from the mount. Kno, seriously: More

Samsung Behold II Owners May Sue Over Android 2.0 Snub [Android]
Thu, 27/05/10 – 15:36 | No Comment

In November of 2009, Samsung put a video up on YouTube that didn’t promise the moon—it just promised Android 2.0 for Behold II owners. But now that Samsung’s reneged, it looks like it’s time to lawyer up. More

Eat Bacteria to Boost Brain Power [Science]
Thu, 27/05/10 – 14:20 | No Comment

Could playing in the dirt make you smarter? Mice given peanut butter laced with a common, harmless soil bacterium ran through mazes twice as fast and enjoyed doing so. More

Rumor: Avatar 3D Blu-ray To Be Bundled With Panasonic 3DTVs From August? [3dTv]
Thu, 27/05/10 – 7:46 | No Comment

The to-ing and fro-ing of the Avatar 3D launch increased in noise today, with HDGuru.com reporting that the 3D Blu-ray will be bundled exclusively with Panasonic 3DTVs. We’d previously heard it’d be tethered to the purchase of Blu-ray players also . More

Is Product Placement Better When It’s About Gadgets? [Humor]
Wed, 26/05/10 – 20:40 | One Comment

Alan Wake (fantastically entertaining game) is one of the more conspicuous about in-game advertising. Hell, they even work products into the gameplay itself. Penny Arcade’s take on this is only slightly exaggerated, if you can believe it

Phoenix Wright Comes to the iPhone [IPhone Apps]
Mon, 24/05/10 – 18:09 | No Comment

The Phoenix Wright franchise deserves a lot of credit for sticking to one of the least appealing-sounding concepts in game history. So anyway, here goes: Phoenix Wright , the comedic litigation game , is in the App Store for $5. Oh dear

Foxconn Guards Allegedly Beat Workers Up On Tape [China]
Thu, 20/05/10 – 14:00 | No Comment

The stories coming out of Chinese gadget manufacturer Foxconn keep getting worse. Now, there’s a video clip floating around the Chinese internet that shows a group of guards getting physical with some workers. More